Dimapak is partner to the companies that produce, manufacture and package food products. As a matter of fact it offers solutions that guarantee an increase in operational efficiency and durability of packed products ranging from few days to several weeks.

The films and bags that we provide are designed to guarantee high quality, safety and durability and are used in different sectors of food industry for:

  • Fresh and processed meat packaging
  • Cheese and dairy products packaging
  • Poultry packaging
  • Fish packaging

For these sectors of food industry, we offer these products:

  • Shrink Bags Vakumi
  • Shrink Bags.
  • Thermoforming films Top & Bottom
  • Horizontal and Vertical Flow Pack Films
  • Tray Lidding Films

What compliments our service is the consultation we provide on the right choice of the product and machines so as to perform an efficient process as well as the after sale assistance regarding the technical support and spare parts.