A packaging world for industrial and food products.

Based on a wide variety of products, our professional team ensures the most efficient solutions that guarantee maximal security of the packaged product and optimized costs.
Packed by Dimapak

Our inspiration, in every thought, action, relationship and product.


Solutions, systems and products in line with the strategies of each and every customer.


Customization, Flexibility, Integrity, High Speed.

Customer first

Attention and responsibility
that turns into trust.


Caring for the environment,
a challenge for a new
development model.

Knowledge and Technology

Together towards the future
with the latest innovations.

Flexibility & Speedy Service

Company Policy

Our customer-oriented philosophy is materialized into a wide range of products which enables us to meet all market needs. This has encouraged us to improve ourselves and offer innovative products that guarantee performance, safety and optimized costs.
This policy is put into practice due to the teamwork of a professional, motivated and committed staff aiming at reaching the objectives of the company.

Packed by Dimapak

Quality and innovation

The high quality of our innovative products enables our customers to reduce consumption of plastics, which confirms our “Earth Care” approach where respect for the environment is one of our fundamental values.
Dimapak is committed to operate on an eco-friendly approach by providing 100% recyclable materials.
We respond promptly to customer orders by immediately delivering them.
Efficient solutions that guarantee the maximal safety of the packed product with the lowest cost possible.
After Sale assistance is crucial to understand the customers’ needs, demands and challenges.
Dimapak provides specialized service with spare parts for all machines.
The image of our customer’s brand is of paramount importance to us.
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