After Sale Service

After Sale assistance is crucial to understand the customers’ needs, demands and challenges.

So as to provide a qualitative service, we invest in the professional education and shaping of our engineers and we make sure that their know-how is updated with the latest packaging technology innovations and trends.

We provide:
1. Assistance for our materials and machines with specialized engineers.
2. Machine installation and customers’ personnel guidance about their usage and operation.
3. Maintenance program for preserving the efficiency and effectiveness of the machines.
4. Product and machine modifications and adaptations as for the customer’s needs.

Spare Parts

Dimapak provides specialized service with spare parts for all machines.

We offer:
1. A list with the recommended spare parts to be kept in stock by the customer.
2. A wide range of spare parts available in the warehouse for any potential instant delivery.
3. Spare parts for competition machines.
4. 3D diffracted images.
5. Electrical and mechanical schemes.

Instant delivery

The stock of materials and machines that are available at our warehouse allows us to execute our customers’ orders in time by delivering them instantly.
Furthermore, our stock which is made up of diversified items makes us more flexible by providing the customers with multiple choices within a short time.

Graphic service

The image of our customer’s brand is of paramount importance to us. Our staff is ready to assist our customers while carrying out their ideas into technical aspect.

1. Consultation for image application regarding the technical aspect
2. Optimization of colors and their numbers
3. Selection of the most suitable ink colors
4. Chromaline
5. Cliché

Packaging Audit and Process Optimization

With our long experience for almost 20 years, we have a unique approach towards the market regarding the optimization of end-of-line packaging process.
Based on a wide and outstanding range of items, our professional team brings the most efficient solutions that guarantee the maximal safety of the packed product with the lowest cost possible.

We provide consultation assistance to our customers regarding the most suitable product for them and the periodical check of packaging process costs.

The advantages of this service imply:
1.Safety and maximal endurance of the packed product during the whole process of transport and storage.
2. Continuous control over the packaging process costs.
3. Reduction of the packaging cost
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