Our strapping machines cover all sorts of applications in different sectors of industry. We provide a full range of these products, from automatic machines for pallet bonding in the end-of-line to simple manual tools.
We offer customized solutions even to the most specific demands of the customers.

Automatic Machines

Automatic machines can easily and quickly strap and make compact any kind of pallet. Due to their simple and easy use they are applied in many sectors of industry such as construction (for bonding tile, brick and cement pallets), timber, paperboard one etc. These machines guarantee pallet stability and safety during the whole process, from transport to storage.

Automatic Horizontal Strapping Machine

Automatic Vertical Strapping Machine

These machines can be customized as per the pallet dimensions, logistic needs, specific demands and can be integrated into the end of packaging line.
The quality of the components and high manufacturing standards make these machines credible and ensure the lowering of maintenance costs.
These machines may use Polyester PET strap and Polypropylene PP strap.

Manual tools for PET/PP strapping

If you are looking for battery or pneumatic strapping tools we provide the right solution on an application and product surface (flat or round) basis. These tools operate with PP strap of 10-19 mm width and PET Strap of 10-32 mm strap.
Our tools offer safety, velocity, strong adhesion, high load-holding force and durability.

GTOne – Battery tools

POLI- Pneumatic tool

TP201 Semi-automatic machine

Manual tools with seals

Dispenser for carrying straps and seals