As for the machines we are official representatives of Robopac, which is an international well-known brand. These machines are widely recognized for their quality, credibility and durability. We offer a wide range of machines, varying from the simplest semi-automatic ones to the high-productivity fully automatic ones

Semi Automatic Stretch Wrappers:

The semi-automatic machines include those with rotating platforms, rotating robots so as to avoid any pallet shifting, rotary arms and horizontal ones. The machines can be customized with different options based on the relevant needs, applications and types of pallets:

  • Platform with an above-the-standard diameter of 1500 mm.
  • Columns varying in height as demanded.
  • Horse-shoe shaped platform suitable for applying the trans-pallet.
  • Pressing Unit.
  • Motorized Pre-Stretch Carriage from 150 to 400 % ratio.
  • Advanced control panels with PLC Touch Screen.

Model MasterPlat

Rotating Robot
Model S6

Rotating Arm
Model EcoWrap XL

Horizontal Stretch Wrapping
Model Compacta S4

Automatic Stretch Wrappers

The Automatic Stretch Wrappers that we provide are produced with the most specialized ‘’Know- How’ ‘and the most advanced technology.
The full range of automatic machines that includes those with a “rotating platform”, “rotary arm” and “rotary ring” is able to fulfill the most specific demands of the customers.
These machines can be customized with different options such as: placing a plastic sheet to ensure that the pallet is water impermeable, Pressing Unit, film cutting and sealing, placing of edge boards, reduction of film width – “Roping”, pallet lifter etc.
All machines can be easily integrated into the production end-of-line of any of the customers.

Turntable Model ‘’RotoPlat 3000 HD’’

Rotating Arm Model ‘’Helix’’

Rotating Ring Model ‘’Genesis’’