Dimapak provides a wide range of machines that use Polyethylene PE Shrink Film combined with heat-shrink tunnels. The range of these machines starts with the semi-automatic ones with boosters for the products (Model MS700), and continues with fully-automatic ones as well, that are to be integrated in the line. We provide multiple solutions depending on customers’ needs.
The model HS90 enables the product placement into the machine with an angle of 90°, which allows the selection of different formats.
For those applications that require high speed and complementary function for line deviation, paperboard or printed film usage, we offer fully automatic machines. The choice on each end-of-line, application or kind of product can be customized.

Model MS700/900 Single Block

Semi automatic machine with welding bar. Products are manually inserted. Capacity 5-12 packages/min.

Model HS90°

​Automatic machine with welding bar. The products are inserted in 1 or 2 tracks by the side preserving the 90° angle.

Automatic Machines

Automatic line with film launching and high productivity.
It is suitable for working with printed film; for packaging with PE film only in one or several lines or with film and paperboard sheet.