Dimapak provides a wide range of products for food industry.
From the farmer to the final consumer, our materials are able to preserve nutritional values, taste, color, product safety and to significantly reduce food waste.
The application sectors are as follows: fresh and processed meat packaging, dairy products packaging, poultry packaging, fish packaging and in supermarkets at fresh food department.
Our complete range of packaging products for this sector involves a complex composition and it meets the most specific needs of the customers for vacuum packaging and modified atmosphere.
Our aim is to offer as many innovative packaging products as possible so as to increase the operational efficiency and in essence to contribute to the reduction of food waste and environmental pollution.

The products we provide are:

  • PA/ PE Vacuum Bags
  • Vertical and Horizontal Flow Pack films
  • Films for ‘’Tray Lidding’’
  • Vacuum films ‘’Skin’’
  • Stretch Film Food: PVC and Polietilen
  • Standard and absorbent XPS boxes
  • Shrink Bags for:
  • General purposes
  • Medium Abuse resistance
  • High Abuse for bony products
  • Cheese cure
  • Pasteurization
  • Frozen products
  • High Barrier films for Thermoforming:
  • Bottom Flexible and Rigid Films
  • Top Films

Some of the main features that may be displayed through the customization of some of these products are: high barrier against oxygen, gases, smells, humidity, antifog, pasteurization, high mechanic resistance, Easy Open, Reclosable,up to 8 color printing etc.

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