Shrink Film LDPE


Shrink Film LDPE is widely used in the beverage packaging, flour, rice, sugar, cans and construction materials industry. This item is easily used in shrinking machines which can be automatic with film launching and semi automatic with welding bar.

Dimapak provides a wide and full range of LDPE Shrink Film which is adaptable to all our customers’ sorts of products and machines. The film is produced with the most contemporary advanced technology ensuring that all technical features are automatically controlled.
The range of films is recently complemented by the new Super – thin film family which reduced material consumption up to 50 per cent by guaranteeing the same resistance and stability of the package.

Our objective:

1.5 lt. 2 x 3 with 30-35 micron thickness.

2,0Lt 2×3 with 40 micron thickness format.

We provide multiple customized solutions to our customers such as the form depending on the application and the printing as well.

Film forms can be: Bobbin Foil; side folded, multi-folded; tubular and ready -made sacks.

This product constitutes a solid communication tool for our customers. The Shrink Film we provide is ideal for the products display due to its visibility and high level of glow it possesses.
Shrink Film can be printed with high quality up to 10 colors. This guarantees excellent optical peculiarities so that the brand can be easily identified at the sale point.

Your image is crucial to us – This is why our staff is always available to collaborate on applying our customers’ ideas into practice.

Adhesive Tapes



We provide a wide range of adhesive Tapes which enables us to offer customized solutions for any packaging, cover-up and reinforced adhesion need.
With the product’s high quality level we fulfill the most specific demands of our customers such as high load-holding force, resistance to temperature changes, obsolescence and protection from mechanical stress so as to ensure a consistent and unexceptional adhesion.
We provide a wide and differentiated range of choice as for the film type (Polypropylene PVC), adhesive type (Acrylic, HotMelt and Solvent), width, thickness, printing and noisy or silent adhesion.
The tapes we provide are suitable for use with manual or fully or semi automatic machines.

Reinforced Tape

This is an adhesive tape into polypropylene film which is reinforced with crucified or longitudinal glass fibers. Hotmelt adhesive with strong and immediate adhesion and reinforced support makes this item ideal for gluing heavy-weighted products.

Masking Tape

Masking Tape is a paper adhesive tape that is used during the process of painting interiors and exteriors, industrial painting, car painting and glass repairing, self-service and other different masking types.
It is easily cut with scissors without leaving any adhesive wastes. This product is available in different Solvent and HotMelt adhesives and sizes so as to adapt to our customer’s needs.
These features make the product resistant to usage temperatures and UV rays.

Stretch Hood


Stretch Hood is widely used in the industry of packaging construction materials such as cement, bricks, tiles etc, in the industry of producing granulated raw materials, pellet industry and beverage industry as well.

The application and usage of Stretch Hood item is performed through a system which exploits the elastic traits of the film avoiding the usage of thermal energy throughout pallet packaging process.

Stretch Hood can be customized with different technical traits, with colors and 3 color printing, anti UV additives and it can be open on the upper part for those pallets that require ventilation.

The advantages of this product are numerous:

  • High pallet resistance.
  • Material and energy saving.
  • Quick process completion.
  • Water impermeability.
  • Much more security and confidence for the employees..

Stretch Film


Stretch Film is used for pallet wrapping so as to guarantee protection and safety for the packaged product during the transport and storage.
It is available in manual type and also machine type for use in fully automatic or semi-automatic machines.
Dimapak offers a wide range of Stretch Films for all kinds of applications, differentiated by thickness, the ability to be pulled, color, UV treatment, slippery external part and printing up to three colors.Due to its ability to be stretched, elastic memory and high puncture resistance, the Stretch Film is the most efficient and effective solution for wrapping any type of pallet.

Categories of Stretch Film we provide are:

  • Stretch Film Machine ‘’ Standard Power ‘’ – The Pre-Stretch capacity is 150 % and is commonly used in semi-automatic machines.
  • Stretch Film Machine ‘’ Medium Power ‘’ – The Pre-Stretch capacity is 200 % and is used in automatic machines or not depending on the application and type of pallet.
  • Stretch Film Machine ‘’ Super Power ‘’ – The Pre-Stretch capacity is 300% and is used in fully automatic machines with high performance and powerful Motorized Reel-Holder Carriage
* Te dhenat e mesiperme jane te vlefshme per trashesi 23 mikron

Stretch Film Manual

Stretch Film Manual is manually used for pallet wrapping and not only. It is available in versions with thin or thick paperboard, with different width, thickness and colors.

Pre Stretched Film

Pre Stretched Film is the newest generation of Stretch film that is produced already stretched and with low thickness ensuring saving and convenience while applying it. This product is available in the manual use version and for semi-automatic machines with low pre-stretch capacity. It can be with carton core or “Coreless” without carton core.

* All the categories mentioned above can be customized depending on the customer’s needs.

Shrink Film Polyolefin


Shrink Film Polyolefin

This product is widely used in semi and fully automatic machines for the packaging of industrial and food products.
Despite its low thickness it has high mechanical resistance, durable welding and high load-holding force ensuring protection from external factors and excellent performance of the packed product.

Polyolefin Shrink Film has low specific weight and it shrinks under a relatively low temperature. For a better protection of the packed product the film can put on Antifog peculiarities, EVOH barriers as well as barrier against oxygen and different odors.
Just to illustrate with few examples of its use: the packaging of dried foods, frozen foods and glace ones, pizzas, pastas etc and industrial products such as promotional packets, press products, DVDs, photo frames, toys etc.
It can be customized by being stamped in Flexography with the customer’s logo. “FIMP Photo”

Shrink Film PVC

This product is used in heat-shrink machines with low thickness of 15-19 micron for packaging of light-weighted small-sized industrial products. Due to its visibility and glitter it ensures good product performance and protection. This film can be reinforced and customized by the form which can vary from a bobbin foil or folded one.

PET/PP Strap


PET/PP Straps are widely used for strapping pallets and different products in the industrial production, distribution and logistics field. The straps we provide serve best to their purpose but are ecological as well, 100 per cent recyclable and produced by renewable raw materials and not only.
Strap quality is controlled and certified because of the selection of the best raw materials and the highest advanced technology production.

Plastic Straps fall under two main categories:

Polyester PET Strap

Produced by fully recyclable raw materials the PET strap has an extraordinary load-holding force and limited elasticity. It is insensitive to atmospheric agents such as temperature change and ultraviolet sun rays.
It guarantees strapping and full safety of the packed product in each of the phases of the whole process starting from the packaging, transport, long-time storage until the arrival and delivery of the pallet to the final customer.

Due to its stainless features it offers absolute resistance of the pallet and quite often it constitutes a substitution alternative to the steel strap.
Produced in different sizes this product is used in automatic machines and adhesive manual tools.
PET application sectors are as follows: the construction one (tiles, bricks, concrete blocks, dust etc), logistics, metal industry, timber one, that of beverage and paperboard.

Polypropylene PP Strap

Polypropylene PP Strap is widely used in various sectors of industry as a practical and economical solution. Depending on the application and product that is to be strapped, this item is suitable for use with automatic and manual machines and tools, be them with adhesion or clips.
Plastic PP Strap can be considered as a communication means since up to 3 colors can be printed, aiming at identifying the customer’s brand.

We provide a wide range of plastic straps differentiated by the width, length, thickness, type of surface (flat or round) and color, allowing us to provide customized solutions to fulfill the market demands.
Our grounded experience entitles us to assist the customer with consultation regarding the most convenient technical choice according to the packaging needs and conditions.

Steel Strap


The steel strap is a product that serves for fastening, group tightening and palletizing heavyweight industrial items that require high load-holding power and resistance.

The steel strap we provide is produced under a rigid quality control which guarantees a product matching international standards. Control procedures are performed from the selection of raw materials, production to the final product.Our strap is thermally treated and coldly laminated, has high magnesium content and low carbon content, a process which makes it highly resistant towards external forces that are exercised on the strapped/wrapped product. This unique process is patented.
Dimapak offers a wide range of steel straps, which are differentiated by the width and thickness, for use in metal industry, timber industry and heavy construction materials such as blocks, concrete pipes etc.

For steel strapping we provide these tools:

  • Manual tools
  • Pneumatic tools
  • Seals and accessories

Adhesive handles


We provide a full range of adhesive handles that are widely used in food industry, handkerchief & toilet papers and detergents. The adhesive handle is a practical, economic and efficient transport and communication tool.
Customization possibilities are countless varying from differentiated width, length and thickness sizes and dimensions, handle type and print.

Some handle types are as follows:

  • Adhesive tape with Integrated handle composed of adhesive support and soft polyethylene label.
  • Adhesive tape with integrated handle composed of adhesive support and paperboard/paper label
  • Adhesive tape with integrated handle composed of adhesive support and polypropylene label.
  • Adhesive handle for heavy-weight products.

With the wide range of sizes and dimensions and printing colors we meet even the most specific needs of the customers.

Food Packaging


Dimapak provides a wide range of products for food industry.
From the farmer to the final consumer, our materials are able to preserve nutritional values, taste, color, product safety and to significantly reduce food waste.
The application sectors are as follows: fresh and processed meat packaging, dairy products packaging, poultry packaging, fish packaging and in supermarkets at fresh food department.
Our complete range of packaging products for this sector involves a complex composition and it meets the most specific needs of the customers for vacuum packaging and modified atmosphere.
Our aim is to offer as many innovative packaging products as possible so as to increase the operational efficiency and in essence to contribute to the reduction of food waste and environmental pollution.

The products we provide are:

  • PA/ PE Vacuum Bags
  • Vertical and Horizontal Flow Pack films
  • Films for ‘’Tray Lidding’’
  • Vacuum films ‘’Skin’’
  • Stretch Film Food: PVC and Polietilen
  • Standard and absorbent XPS boxes
  • Shrink Bags for:
  • General purposes
  • Medium Abuse resistance
  • High Abuse for bony products
  • Cheese cure
  • Pasteurization
  • Frozen products
  • High Barrier films for Thermoforming:
  • Bottom Flexible and Rigid Films
  • Top Films

Some of the main features that may be displayed through the customization of some of these products are: high barrier against oxygen, gases, smells, humidity, antifog, pasteurization, high mechanic resistance, Easy Open, Reclosable,up to 8 color printing etc.

Protective Packaging Products


Dimapak offers a wide range of “Product Care” items, designed specially to avoid wasting of material, energy, space, time and hand labor.
The aim is to lower the harm caused to products during the whole process and to ensure that all materials and packed products are safely delivered to the final consumer.
Another crucial aim is the optimization of package dimensions and packaging space. The right space and package dimensions increase the efficiency throughout work and lower transport costs.
Customer’s experience does not come to an end with the successful delivery of the package. An appealing package that can be effortlessly opened and reused exercises an enduring impact on customer’s loyalty and the reputation of your brand.

Product Care family items that we provide are as follows:

Bubble Film – the difference lies in the barrier

The Bubble film we offer involves a Barrier Layer that holds the air within and ensures a better and enduring protection compared to other common products.

The “Secret” lies in the barrier.

This product is available in different widths and heights, as well as in the form of ready simple seal bags Peel and Seel. The Bubble Film can be customized by having the customer’s logo printed on it.

CellAir – Foam packaging

This is a widespread product for any type of packaging. It offers protection and an efficient solution. It is resistant to humidity and offers thermal isolation. Produced by recycled Polyethylene, this product is available in different dimensions as for the width, thickness and length.


U Profile, L Profile, Glass Profiles, Edgeboards

Mail Lite Envelopes

Bubble Envelopes are the right solution for protecting fragile products during their transport. The Barrier layer guarantees that the air is kept within the envelope even during any potential external forces exercising their effect.
Mail Lite is available in different sizes and dimensions. The envelope can be customized by printing the customer’s brand.

Inflatable Systems

“NewAir IB Express” (NAX) and “FillAir Cyclone” (FAC) inflatable film systems produce respectively barrier bubble film with 40 and 80 cm width and air cushions for product protection and box vacuum filling.
These machines allow an extraordinary saving of work space. Film filling through these machines requires less space and avoids the transport of voluminous materials such as Bubble Film and CellAir. As a result, the customers exploit the space to the best extent possible and lower the transport cost.



Inflate the ones that you need, whenever you need them.

Paperboard Profiles – Edgeboards

L type paperboard profiles are ideal to protect products in pallets during transport and storage. This product can be customized according to different dimensions, quality (anti-humidity or not), color and customer’s logo print on it.
Paperboard profiles ensure protection against external forces such as:
shocks, vibrations and pressure.
Strengthen your package with Paperboard Profiles and reduce any commodity impairment along the way.

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